Technology offer

Scientific life at University of Szeged became world famous when Albert Szent-Györgyi, the head of the Faculty of Biological Chemistry, won the Nobel Prize in 1937 for having discovered the role of vitamin C. Following his way, our university has been actively participating in the achievement of scientific results that have significant impact on human life. The intellectual property portfolio accumulated at the University of Szeged turned the institution into a crucial actor of innovation in the region of Central- and Eastern Europe. Our efforts were recently acknowledged by the Hungarian Government with


the title “Research University”. The effectiveness of the R & D activity depends on the transfer of scientific results into business. Hereby it is with great pleasure that we present the results of our applied research and technology development activities to be commercialized. We wish this page to serve as an inspiration for our possible business partners and also a tool for us through which we can accomplish the new mission of modern universities: not only to maintain high quality education and research, but also to ensure the commercialization of our intellectual property.

Enikő Pitó

Director of R&D and Innovation
Biology and Medical Sciences