SZTE Technology Transfer

The University of Szeged, as one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education in Hungary, was acknowledged as a University of National Excellence in 2013. Thus it became a member of the very few elite universities of the country. As one of the most excellent institutions, it devotedly supports the advancement of scientific research. The success of the University’s research and development activity begins in the workshops of the scholars, where ideas are conceived. However, developing great ideas into inventions and products is the responsibility of the University; this attitude comprises the ideology that makes our institution a


research university. The effectiveness of the research and development activity depends on the efficiency of business networking, the active participation in the innovation process and also the dissemination of scientific results. By accomplishing these tasks, it is possible to meet the brand new social challenge of 21st century universities, and not only to maintain high quality educational and research activity, but also to ensure the commercialization of intellectual property. This homepage presents briefly the research and development achievements of the University of Szeged; its fields of focus were selected on the basis of scholarly, publication and key industrial cooperation activity. The achieved results in these fields prove the aptitude of our scholars. By publishing a concise summary of their work, our unconcealed aim is to draw the attention of technology transfer experts to their talent, as the greatest success of science is to leave the laboratories and become part of our everyday lives.

Prof. Dr. Gábor Szabó

Rector of the University of Szeged